Our Company – “Pencils Factory St. Majewski” was established in 1889 in Pruszkow. We have been operating continuously for 127 years, and from the beginning we have made every effort for our products to be distinguished by their high quality, rich and sophisticated design.

We are the biggest producer and distributor of school supplies in the Polish market. We offer our clients over 1000 various products, including Bambino crayons, produced for nearly a century, pencils, school textiles (school bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, pencil cases, shoe bags), and the “UNIPAP” paper products (notebooks, hard cover notebooks, drawing pads, folders, coloured paper books, etc.). Our products find many customers abroad. We are expanding our product range regularly. Today we have over 300 employees in our factories in Pruszkow, Strzegom, and Ełk. We are the licensee of the biggest Polish and international brands. We have been co-operating with the following companies for many years: The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Hasbro. In order to support the distributors of our products, we have developed a broad marketing philosophy, which includes: advertising in mass media, sponsoring, special offers or the designing of dedicated product lines. We are continuously enriching the range of products on offer to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.